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As an alternative to our site built homes, Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders is now offering our clients the option of choosing modular home. Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders is proud to be an authorized builder of Nationwide Custom Homes.

About Nationwide Custom Homes

Nationwide Custom Homes is a leading builder of Modular homes for single family or multi-family residences, commercial structures and remodeling additions; with a reputation for high quality, design flexibility, and innovative marketing.

Founded in 1959, Nationwide has locations across the southeast. Locations include a 47-acre site in Martinsville, Virginia, a 21-acre site in Arabi, Georgia and a production facility located in Siler City, North Carolina with over 13-acres of land. In total Nationwide operates five state-of-the-art production facilities that provide Modular homes for independent, Authorized Builders.

Top 10 Most Important Facts About Nationwide Modular Homes

  1. We build with Modular construction techniques. Modular construction is one of the fastest growing forms of building in the market today. The recognition of its increased efficiency and ability to apply modern technology to the needs of the market place are what make it better and more efficient than stick-building.
  2. Our custom Modular homes are built with components constructed in a controlled factory environment to the same building codes as traditional site-built housing.
  3. Superior quality control of Modular building reduced waste and provides a faster completion time, 30-60 days, than site-built construction.
  4. The increased efficiency of Modular home construction generally results in greater value for the homeowner and easier planning and construction for the homebuilder.
  5. Computerization has enabled Nationwide Custom Homes to take a mass customization approach and design any Modular home to meet the particular needs of a homeowner.
  6. The combination of reduced cycle time, more efficient construction, unlimited customization and a growing shortage of skilled trade's people are the primary reasons many builders are switching from traditional stick-building to Modular home construction.
  7. Nationwide Custom Home Modular home designs encompass the entire spectrum of the market; from affordable single-family and multi-family housing to high end luxury homes, we can build it all with Modular.
  8. Modular systems housing has grown at almost a 10% rate over the last five years.
  9. Forecasters see Modular housing increasing its market share by 12% annually. (Frost & Sullivan)
  10. There are over 80 producers of Modular homes throughout the U.S. 43 of them, including Nationwide Custom Homes, are members of the Building Systems Councils of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

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Modular Homes Consumers Guide

modular4.jpgModular or Modular homes are built using an modular approach to produce buildings in a more efficient and cost effect method. Instead of the old-fashioned construction method, most of the work is pre-fabricated at an off-site climate controlled factory. As each sub-section is finished it is transported to the building site and constructed together using the same methods the current stick built homes use. Local builders apply the finishing touches to produce beautiful two story homes that match the quality and appearance of stick built homes.

Mobile names (also known as manufactured homes) are built according to the federal HUD building Code. This requires all mobile homes to built on a non-removable steel chassis, which severely limits their design options. Modular homes and buildings have no design limitations they can be any shape or size and will meet or exceed you local and state building codes. Modular buildings are just like any traditional building except they are modules (pieces) that are pre-built in factories and then assembled together using giant cranes in a similar fashion to lego blocks.

timeline-piechart.gifCOST AND TIME SAVINGS
According to industry statistics the modular constructions projects have more than doubled in the last ten years. This is because the modular building process provides time and cost savings. They are built in a similar fashion to an assembly line, which delivers much higher efficiency and quality. Also since they are built inside a factory, the weather does not cause delays which greatly reduces labor costs. And since the fabrication is done at one location it allows for the factories to buy bulk quantities of supplies at greatly reduced rates.

The costs will vary depending where you live but a general guide is that mobile/manufactured homes will cost $35-$45 per sq. ft. and modular homes will cost $70-$80 per sq. ft. and stick built homes cost $100+ per sq. ft.

Modular homes allow you to afford the home that has all the options you want. You can have a basement, multi-levels, extra bedrooms, increased energy efficiency and insulation. Modular builders allow you to select different custom options so you no longer have to settle for a cookie cutter house. You can now enjoy your dream home that is made possible by the efficiency of modular building.

Modular homes look just like traditional custom built homes. The big difference is that they are pre-built in factories and assembled on-site. This provides time savings since construction on the modular building can begin in the factory while the site preparation work is being done (leveling of ground, laying foundation etc.).

As an alternative to our site built homes, Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders is now offering our clients the option of choosing modular home. Zimmerman Custom Homebuilders is proud to be an authorized builder of Nationwide Custom Homes.